The Little Digital Fish in the Big Social Media Pond

Little Fish in Big Pond

In week three of Strategic Social Media, we focused on the broad topic of managing social media, including elements of strategy, policy, and measurement.  As described by Avinash Kaushik, the ultimate goals are to achieve the desired traffic acquisition, visitor behavior, and outcomes.

We had useful readings to consider strategy, “Digital Marketing and Measurement Model” (Kaushik); policy, “Policy and Implementation” (Mergel & Greeves, Social Media in the Public Sector Field Guide); and measurement,”Influence Measurement” (Kanter & Paine, Measure the Networked Nonprofit).   We also had an interesting in-class discussion prompted by our speakers, Carolyn Parnell and Jenna Covey. Overall, this week’s readings and discussions provided a useful bridge between last week’s personal learning strategy assignment, and next week’s online engagement strategy assignment. They helped to fill in the steps required for the online engagement strategy, including the need, audience, tools, risks, policies, roles and practices.

Parnel, as Minnesota’s Chief Information Officer, and Covey, as Governor Dayton’s Director of New Media, were able to provide examples of acquisition, behavior, and outcome at a significant size and scope in a setting where there were many engaged people and significant activities. An example of this scale can often provide fertile ground for information and examples. However, it can also be helpful to look at examples for those of us dealing with the small, inactive, and even possibly the brand new.


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